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Pride House Cabaret The Olympics in Sochi Russia is just around the corner. Come and show your queer pride at a queer cabaret February 1 at Videofag!

In the rebellious spirit of queers who speak, sing and dance against injustice and boredom, join us as we PUTIN on a show!

The show will be a celebration of music and performance with an all-star fabulous cast featuring Donnarama, Amy Lester, Brock Hessel, Belle Jumelles, Lauryn Kronick and Alvis Parsley, Troy Jackson, Steen Star, Leelando Calrissian of "Boylesque." David Bateman and Ryan G Hinds!

Check out the amazing teaser video by Raymond Helkio from last week's audition:

It will be $10 at the door or more if you can. All money will go to the performers for the generous donation of their time and talent.


Fresh off my win for Fan Fave Award for 2013 from RightOut TV! I send to you a most fabulous Happy New Year! Checking in to let you know what is coming up from yours, Troyly!

As some of you may know I almost died last year from a nasty fall backwards down my stairs, therefore some projects that I wanted to come out last year, had to be put on pause. From my bed I did manage to release my newest single "Icons" with a remix, which is available on itunes, cdbaby, spotify etc. 

Stay tuned for a video for "Icons" which I shot myself on my iphone 5. That will be followed by the release of the video for the remix. Closer to World Pride 2014 I will be releasing my newest single "Pavement Streets" and my as yet to be titled summer dance single. Also stay tuned for a collaborations which will be announced when the work is done.  Support Independent Artists! Download my music, Play it loud! and Nevah mind the trite...T xox


Troy has won the Fan Fave award for Right Out Tv 2013 ! Over 7000 fans voted for this online vote category! 

Interview w

Xtra reports on "The Batty Boys Revenge" Video before I let them know it was out...

Interview in Fab Magazine re. "The Batty Boys Revenge"

Photo by Drew DeHaas

Article from Had to correct him on calling me a British Artist...nothing wrong with that but I am a proud Canadian Artist...a proud Turtle Island Artist to be exact.

Article by Tanya Bailey for Toronto Music Scene calling Jackson "One of Toronto's Best Kept Secrets".

Video Interview by Melissa Rebronja for Music Dreams Tv.

 Jackson is "SASHAYING Through Life to his own beat".

"As Dionysus, Troy Jackson is fantastically striking and criminally underutilized. In a long denim skirt, bare-chested with a shaven head, Jackson has Prince-like R&B dynamism and a killer voice."

Jerry Wasserman/

  "...Troy Jackson's Dionysus moves like he was born dancing..." ~Colin Thomas